Founded in 2009 by Daniele William Re and Nicoletta Gerevini, it is an Italian architectural design studio focusing on Architecture, Urban development and Infrastructural projects. 




NOVAE Architecture considers Architecture as a spatial manifestation of energy in transit, made to express the action of life itself.

NOVAE Architecture’s work stands out in terms of its synthesis of form, technology, space and ambient effects produced at the back-end. Form and space are particular conditions able to modify a real situation, in its physical and social implications.

Our work tends to generate an Architecture able to open new realities, better opportunities and, as a main target, to merge the quality of life and to improve the relationships between human beings.

In opposition to the omnipresence of existing rational systems, NOVAE Architecture is driven by a tension to create a space in, at the same time, emergent and convergent evolution, according to different operations of dynamism and concentration. 




Applying a highly flexible methodological approach focused on reaching the best design solution, we usually work with an extensive teamwork involving consultants and specialists in other disciplines, concerning: Structural Engineering, Energy and MEP Engineering, Mobility and other specific technical areas.

Studio-works driven by advanced techniques, elaborate logics and complex sensitivities, tending toward a research and space exploration on different scales.




Nova (pl. NOVAE) = new 
is a latin word novus-nova-novum and comes from a classic greek word néos - νεοσ

          -    as a changing of something that is  vetus (old)
          -    as an alternative of the adjective recens (recent)
          -    as opposed to alter (other) 
          -    as a change of a status before 

In astrophysics a nova (pl. NOVAE) is a cataclysmic nuclear explosion caused by the accretion of hydrogen onto the surface of a white dwarf star.